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Paper prices rose too crazy, wine companies also complain incessantly package

This year, China's paper raw material prices sweeping the country. As the printing and packaging industry, the main raw material, paper, paper prices ... Go Details

So many red wine to serve this, the label can be when the story book to read

This is the reverse Innovation brings the latest packaging design, the red wine and the story of these two kinds of beauty to enjoy together, let you ... Go Details

2016 autumn trip

The Mid-Autumn festival in 2016, Shanghai day cen company organization staff visited the famous landscape - zhejiang linan qingshui lake and hangzhou ... Go Details

Nice to meet you xi an unprecedented jinfeng has high curative value a meet, hero

Late on September 1, sino-german night 】 【 glittering shangri-la luxurious banquet hall, mapping the various heroes passion, 2016 year China top 100 p... Go Details

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